We’re here!

A new day, a new beginning.

This blog will be the official blog of Asiadreamgirls.com since then.

I will post as many news about the updating works and plan of the site here as I can.Also I would like to share more information about me and my life with you.

uh, the first bad news I wanna you to know is,asiadreamgirls.com will not update for a time because of some technical problem.The share IP address of asiadreamgirls.com have been blocked by China authority for one month.So I cannot maintain the site easily.I am seeking the way to deal with it.

However,you may come to this site:mydreamgirl.info for regular updating content,which has to be the mirror site of asiadreamgirls since the beginning of site-building.The contents of the two sites are absolutely same.And I will update this site for a while until I have the way to resolve the issue.And then they will be update simultaneousily.

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For more info plz go here.

Thanks a lot! I hope hear from you guy!

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